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Limoncello  "Amalficello"

The history

In ancient times, the Amalfi Coast was already well-known for its springs, its geographical position and its beautiful lemon-trees terraces, sloping down towards the sea, whose breeze makes them ripe and luxuriant.

Lemon - tree cultivation is, indeed, very important not only from an economic point of view but also under its historical and landscape profile. It was imported to Italy from the Arabs and it is, together with other fruits (such as walnut, orange, olive and fig), an integral part of the so called "Mediterranean Garden".

The terracing, particulary spread in medieval times, goes back to the agronomical tradition of Greek and Arab farmers and had the important function of reducing the soil erosion as well.

And from the lemon-houses, following the "garden's’ path", all the healing virtues of the lemon can be found, whose proprierties, discovered long time ago, are still appreciated by the modern medicine.

In this ideal place started up the "Amalficello".

It is produced by handicraft methods, It is the same liqueur created by the ancient Amalfi inhabitants, that were dipping the yellow lemon peels in pure alcohol, with content of 30°.

This old recipe is still kept unchanged and its smell and taste is still served on our tables.It is nice to end our meals with a glass of well cool "Amalficello.

Our Product

We would like to introduce you our lemon drink, limoncello "Amalficello".
The "Amalficello" is produced with the same handcrafted methods of production of the ancient producers in the Italian Amalfi Coast  in the past centuries.

Ingredients of the lemon drink limoncello"Amalficello": Gr 30% Vol. 
Hydroalcoholic infusion of lemon peels, sugar, pure alcohol, water.



Other products with limoncello Amalficello:

Famous "Babà" cakes with "Amalficello": Gr 12% Vol.
Ingredients : wheat flour, eggs, vegetal margarine, sugar, yeast salt, preserving yeast E282, natural flavours and "Amalficello" lemon drink.

Lemon cream with "Amalficello": Gr. 20% Vol.
Ingredients : they are the same of Amalficello also adding pasteurized and rehydrated powdered milk and stabilizers E412, E466, E410.


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